Justin Schollard

Owner / Certified Trainer

Justin Schollard is obsessed with physical movement, how the body reacts to it and how to inspire it in others. Raised in Traverse City, Michigan, Justin moved to California as a certified personal trainer at the age of nineteen. Having spent nearly all of his life in one gym or another, his exercise portfolio runs the gamut from traditional strength and conditioning techniques to classic Kung Fu and competitive kickboxing training.

He has been a personal trainer, a fitness instructor and a physical therapist aid in Los Angeles for eight years. He has held certifications from leading organizations in self-defense, stretching, personal training, massage therapy and most recently, CrossFit.

After witnessing the profound effect that CrossFit had on his body and mind, he quickly began incorporating CrossFit workouts into his personal training sessions. His clients loved it. It didn't take long until it became his new standard for training which naturally progressed to establishing his own gym and building a unique, competitive brand.

The fitness industry is wrought with turnover, but Justin's dedication to craft and his commitment to excellence is what keeps him going strong.

If you just ask Justin, perspective is everything. What's the difference between trying and triumph? "Just a little UMPH!"

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Ethan Wolf

Owner / Certified Trainer

Ethan Wolf is a cutting edge fitness coach with a passion for physical culture. Growing up on Staten Island, in New York, Ethan developed an interest for health when he joined his high school wrestling team. Since then, he has made fitness his life's work and wants nothing more than to help others find as much joy in health and exercise as he does.

Do not let his warm personality and lighthearted nature fool you, Ethan is an extremely tough trainer that holds everyone he works with to the highest standard. He embraces a personal commitment to every individual, and his friendly approach truly helps get those training with him well on the road to being the best they can be.

In addition to his CrossFit Level-1 certification, Ethan is certified as a strength and conditioning specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and holds a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Sciences.

With over seven years of experience in the fitness field, he has worked side by side with physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and medical doctors. As a skilled massage therapist and body worker, he also specializes in helping athletes to correct their posture and rehab injuries; allowing them to make the most of their workout routines and stay pain free.

Using his education and work history, Ethan walks alongside his clients to aid their comprehension of the concepts and information behind the movements, nutrition and philosophies he teaches. Through this, he believes, each person he works with will gain a true understanding of health and fitness that they can take with them, wherever their journey may take them.

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Mike Anderson

Certified Trainer

Mike Anderson has been part of the CrossFit community for over four years. He grew up playing football and running track. By the time he was eighteen, he was competing collegiately in both sports.

His coaching experiences range from high school football to being a strength and conditioning trainer for a wide variety of athletes. Being bombastically fun and energetic is part of Mike's coaching philosophy.

As a Level-1 CrossFit certified coach, Mike possesses a true love and passion for CrossFit that undoubtedly helps makes him the great coach and instructor that he is today.

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Mike Patarino

Certified Trainer

Mike Patarino is a fitness enthusiast with more than six years of training experience behind him. Since joining the Crossfit community nearly three years ago, however, Mike's passion for fitness has risen to a new level altogether.

CrossFit has changed his life and he hopes to use his passion and fun-loving attitude to help change yours as well. Mike is a certified Level-1 CrossFit trainer and is currently pursuing a B.S. in Exercise Science.

The competitive component of CrossFit has been a driving force for Mike. Last year, at the Dynamic Duo 2 Challenge in Long Beach, he and fellow SRX trainer Mike Anderson teamed up to post a Top 5 finish. Shortly thereafter, at the WOD 4 Rescues competition in Los Angeles, the pair was back in action, but this time, they took home the event's top honors.

Presently, Mike has his sights set on representing StrengthRx at the CrossFit Games' Southern California Regional tournament. Ultimately, his goal is to compete at the highest level, with the world's fittest athletes, at the annual CrossFit Games.