A Little Bit About Us

Welcome to StrengthRx CrossFit, the most friendly and effective CrossFit box in LA.

SRX is not your typical gym, full of treadmills and large resistance machines; it is a community where world class training methods are put to use to produce levels of health and fitness worth boasting about.

At StrengthRx, you will never get lost in an over-crowded class because you will never be more than a few feet away from the individual attention of our elite coaches.

Our athletes and coaches often feel like extended family to one another, as they support each other and create a community that both inspires as well as holds each member accountable.

We want SRX to feel like your gym, because it is.

StrengthRx CrossFit | The most friendly and effective CrossFit box in LA.

The Heartbeat of Hollywood

Located less than one (1) mile from the 101 freeway, StrengthRx is East Hollywood's top CrossFit gym.

Nestled neatly between Los Felize, Griffith Park, Korea Town, Hollywood, and Hancock Park, the SRX box is walking distance from Paramount Studios and Larchmont Boulevard, which is one of the city's best weekend shopping and dining experiences.

Since 2013, StrengthRx CrossFit has been a pillar on LA's rapidly evolving and world-renowned Melrose Avenue.

The BUZZFEED Experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

CrossFit is a community driven strength and conditioning program based upon constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity.

CrossFit has been implemented by police and fire academies, law enforcement tactical operations teams, military special forces units, champion mixed martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

Yes, CrossFit is for everyone. No matter how bad of shape you think you're in, CrossFit is designed around scaling the workout to accommodate every fitness level.

Combined with the personal attention you will receive from our coaches, this model ensures safe and effective progression through the scaling process until you are performing at your personal best.

Of course! While this question may seem silly, you would be surprised how often we get asked.

The bottom line: CrossFit is for everyone. Plain and simple.

Absolutely! High intensity strength training and metabolic conditioning has been proven time after time to be extremely effective methods of exercise for losing weight.

Healthy diet practices, though, are equally, if not more, important for maximizing results from your workout and on your scale. We recommend a whole-foods diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, high-quality proteins, unrefined carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Parking Options

Metered parking is available on Western Avenue.

Additional parking can be found on neighborhood streets near the box anytime (except during street cleaning, which takes place Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8-10 AM.)

In general, street parking availablity is usually greater in the neighborhoods south of Melrose Avenue rather than the neighborhoods north of Melrose.

SRX Amenities

  • Air Conditioning
  • RomWOD
  • Pro shop
  • Beyond the White Board access
  • Shower
  • Cubbies (for personal storage)
  • Towels
  • Complimentary apples and bananas

Our Commitment to You

At StrengthRx CrossFit, we take pride in keeping our classes small.

We set a limit for our sessions -- between 12 and 15 athletes at one time. This guarantees quality control.

Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail will have you performing at your best in no time.

So if you are ready to get serious about your health and hapiness then come into StrengthRx and get your fitness prescription filled.