CrossFit Fundamentals

Every SRX CrossFitter must complete all four (4) fundamentals classes so that they may safely, securely and confidently participate in regularly scheduled StrengthRx classes.

Upon purchase of any SRX class or membership package, you will move into our fundamentals program. Please check our official schedule for class times and availabilities.

The Fundamentals program consists of four classes that must be completed before your first full mixed-level CrossFit session. These classes will: focus on movement standards, establish the essential tenets of CrossFit and introduce scaled versions of regular SRX workouts.

While you may jump into this instructional course at any point during the week, you must complete all four classes, as each session presents key technical components and unique lessons.

Fundamental classes begin with a ten (10) minute warm-up, followed by thirty (30) minutes of skill work and instruction. Each session ends with a workout of the day (WOD) that is based primarily on the skills that were just taught and takes roughly seven-to-ten minutes to complete.

The fundamental classes requried for graduation to full SRX participation stack up as follows:

Body Weight Movements

Wednesdays @ 7pm

In this class, we teach you the correct techniques to use for pull-ups, push-ups, air squats, ring dips and other body weight movements such as "kipping" pull-ups.

Proper form is paramount to our program so this class is a vital primer (or refresher) for beginners (and veterans).

Deadlift/Front Squat/Clean

Thursdays @ 8pm

This is where we take you through the "front rack position" as well as instruct you on the basic mechanics of how to lift weight off the floor safely and with purpose.

Overhead Squat/Snatch

Saturdays @ 12pm

These are arguably the most technical lifts of all the lifts any crossfitter will typically do, so its extremely important to make this class a priority.

A great deal of emphasis will be spent on proper positioning and addressing any mobility issues that may prevent you from completing these lifts successfully.

Overhead Press/Jerk

Sundays @ 12pm

This class rounds out the third and final olympic lift that we cover in CrossFit.

In this class, we discuss proper shoulder and hip positioning as it relates to successfully putting weight over your head.

Private Program (Session Alternative)

By Appointment Only

Unlike many CrossFit gyms, SRX does not charge extra for fundamentals training ($200 value). We include it with your initial package purchase.

However, if the programming of our fundamentals classes does not work for your schedule, you are welcome to book a private fundamentals session with one of our coaches at an additional cost of $45 for 30 minutes of private instruction.

Perhaps you're interested in bringing someone with you? For just $15 more ($60 total), pair-up with a friend for side-by-side fundamentals.

Also, while you're finishing up your fundamentals, feel free to sign up for as many BurnRx and Functional Strength classes as you wish!